Setyono Djuandi Darmono


Acknowledging the importance of an education institution in the Jababeka Industrial Zone, and especially in achieving the objectives in the field of social, religiousity, and humanity, the President University Education Foundation/Yayasan Pendidikan Universitas Presiden (YPUP) was established.

YPUP has a vision “to become the provider of quality Education and Social Institution for the society without any discrimination against ethnicity, religion, race, community, and citizenship.” In line with the vision, YPUP prepares highly-dedicated leaders for our Nation. With a philosophy of “Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast,” YPUP keeps on innovating for the development of the Nation.

On behalf of the Founder of YPUP, I extend my appreciation and gratitude to all members of YPUP and parties who have made contributions for YPUP.

Jakarta, 24th April 2018

Forewords from Chairperson