Junior High School

President Junior High School – Boarding School – Accredited A, is a school with character-based education that integrates integrative education, training and parenting skills so that learners have a disciplined, self-directed, and accomplished character and personality.

Sheltered under the President University Education Foundation with a license of establishment from the Ministry of Education of Bekasi. President Junior High School is currently accredited A (very good), according to the National Accreditation Board (BAN).

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Drs. Bambang Kusumohadi

Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Kota Jababeka, Cikarang Baru, Bekasi 17550 – Indonesia
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+62-21 2946 9399


Education curriculum adapted by President Junior High School refers to the national curriculum combined with local contents. Further, the learning system applied to students includes 5P:

  1. Prelection, readiness before teaching begins,
  2. Presentation, presents learning outcomes,
  3. Paper and test, completes tasks and exams,
  4. Project, makes scientific work and
  5. Portfolio.

Guidance and intellectual development of the students are directed, so that students have academic competence, have high degree of discipline, self-support, responsibility, good personality, religious, and achievement

Training curriculum is given to the students of President Junior High School, so that each student has the skills that support the discipline process, independence and achievement that they can be proud of. The trainings are:

  1. Leadership Training,
  2. Entrepreneurship,
  3. Personal Development Training,
  4. Public Speaking,
  5. Teamwork,
  6. Journalism, and
  7. Language Training.

The parenting curriculum is a program made by President Junior High School as an effort to maximize the process of fostering the character of the student dormitory. This nursing program is conducted by a boarding coach who is tasked with mentoring and guidance, serving a role in caring, protecting and directing, and monitoring the development of the lives of boarding students.

This nurturing curriculum includes physical care, emotional care, social upbringing and self-development.