President University in the 2023/2024 academic year opened a faculty of medicine. The faculty of medicine has two undergraduate medical programs and a medical professional program. The opening of the Faculty of Medicine of President University is based on the decree of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Number 689/E/O/2023 on August 22, 2023.

Press Conference attended by the Rector of President University, Chairman of President University Foundation, Dean of Faculty of Medicine President University. As the rector of President University Prof. Dr. Ir. Chairy, S.E., M.M said that, with the presence of the Faculty of Medicine, it can contribute to the lack of doctors in Indonesia and the even distribution of doctors to all regions. In addition, the current issue is about occupational safety & health. Meanwhile, President University is located in the largest industrial area in Southeast Asia. The location in the industrial area can have a positive impact on President University medical graduates. One of them opens up job opportunities for medical graduates.

Continued by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Budi Setiabudiawan, dr., Sp.A (K), M.Kes that Faculty of medicine President University wants to develop an Academic Health System (AHS), which is a collaborative ecosystem that involves many parties, such as health service providers in Bekasi district, such as clinics, puskesmas, hospitals, industry, government, and Faculty of Medicine President University. Prof. Budi explained that the vision of the Faculty of Medicine is to contribute to improving public health with an occupational health approach, excelling at the national & international levels in 2027. The Faculty of Medicine carries the tagline From Bekasi, for Indonesia to the world.