President School Units

On September 16, 2023, President School held an Open House event to welcome the 2023/2024 academic year. This event was held by the President School Units, that’s Prsident Special Needs Center (PSNC) , Kindergarten, Elementary School and President Junior High School. The event was also attended by President University Foundation Secretary Prof. Jony Oktavian Haryanto & President Foundation Treasurer Justin Endramukti. The event began with a marching band from President High School and after that the opening was accompanied by singing the Indonesia Raya song. After that, the event continued with remarks from Prof. Jony Oktavian Haryanto.

Open House event attracts a lot of excitement by performances from President school students. some performed dance, singing, ballet, taekwondo, and marching band. This event also presented a food & beverage bazaar from the president school for anyone who attended. For those who are curious about the president school info can visit the registration booth that has been prepared. The customer service or marketer will be handle parents question.

Purposes Open House

Open House event is an introduction to President School for parents who are about to enroll their children in the school. President School is an educational institution from PSNC for children with special needs, kindergarten, even up to university. President School also implements an English-speaking environment for its students, character building for children’s mental development & multicultural concepts based on the diverse origin of President School students.

Of course, we want student can enroll at President School. Not only does President School offer quality educational programs, it also has a conducive learning english environment. There are several advantages at President School, such as multicultural, character building, English environment, and national insight, which make President School an ideal choice to prepare your children for a successful future.

In a multicultural environment, we build tolerance and appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions. This facility allows our children to learn more about diversity, become more open and inclusive, develop global thinking, and appreciate differences. This increase in understanding lays the foundation for children to live and thrive in a closed and heterogeneous society.