Through the Indonesia International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) 2023 program run by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, several President University (Presuniv) students once more had the chance to take part in lecture activities abroad. These students will all attend lectures at prestigious universities in Australia, Europe, and the US.

There are 10 students enrolled in the IISMA selection this year, This Year we have four students who enrolled IISMA program in Europe. There are Jason Nathanael from the Actuarial Study Program class of 2020, who will go to the University of Padua, Italy, and Kevin Saputra Gome Wijaya, class of 2021, who will study at the Grenoble Ecole de Management, France. Both members of the Management Study Program class of 2021, Yolanda Anta Rizkia Wicaksono and Nesya Elmaira, will participate in the IISMA program in Russia and England. 

There is Daniel Rinaldi Frederick Ismael from the Faculty of Computer’s 2020 Visual Communication Design Study Program class, who will attend the University of Warsaw in Poland. Rayhan Rifqi Aldinovandi, a member of the Information Technology (IT) Study Program class of 2021 who will be enrolled in the IISMA program at Michigan State University in the US. Beatrice Deviana is the final student from International Relations Study Program class of 2021. She will be enrolled in Radboud University’s, Netherland.

Richard Saint Wu from the Management Study Program class of 2021 who took the program at Monash University. Then there was Vianka Nirmala from the Accounting Study Program class of 2020 who chose to go to the University of Adelaide, and Kelly Cen from the Business Administration program class of 2021 who chose to go to the University of Melbourne, the three of them chose to study in Australia.

The response from the Rector of President University Prof. Dr. Chairy was proud of the students who successfully passed the IISMA 2023 selection. This proves that the quality of education at President University is able to compete at the global level because it has an international standard university curriculum. Prof. Dr. Chairy said that by studying abroad, there are many benefits obtained by students, namely being able to meet with other students, lecturers, and the academic community so that they can get new insights and perspectives.

President University actively encourages students’ ambitions to study abroad. We believe that studying abroad will be a very significant advantage when students graduate and are ready to enter careers.